Alex Rodriguez Apology Letter

I have to say I was impressed by Alex Rodriguez hand written apology letter to the fans. With technology being the way it is, nothing says I’m sorry like a good old hand written note. For Rodriguez to write it, it shows that he is looking to move forward, and make the best out of what he has left in his career.


Of course handwriting experts can analyze it, fans can still hate him for it. At least give him credit for having good penmanship and apologizing.

Too many apologies are blown out of proportion or are unnecessary. If the person is going to be genuine and sincere, then go ahead and write that apology. Don’t be phony.

Think about yourself and after you go on a job interview. They say you should write a handwritten note to those you interviewed with. Especially if you really wanted the job! It shows the person you took the time to write something original and showing that you are a team player.

Prior to this whole handwritten letter, it seemed to me that Alex Rodriguez didn’t care about the fans. A few times when people would interview him on the streets he wasn’t so friendly. It sort of makes you think that he maybe wasn’t being mean after all. Maybe he is a shy person. Playing for the New York Yankees will put you on the grand stage. You should be used to it. Randy Johnson was the only one who was miserable being a Yankee since he didn’t like being in such public view. That is why his tenure with the Yankees was so short.

Hopefully Alex Rodriguez can have a productive season with the New York Yankees. I wonder if I ran into him on the street how his reaction would be.






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