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A Warning on Nutmeg

Weekend Project: Soft Homemade Pretzels

Why Does Airline Food Taste So Bad?

Why Does Airline Food Taste So Bad?

My Own Unprivate Little Italy

My Own Unprivate Little ItalyThe smell of warm chicken blood in the stairwell of my friend Zoe’s apartment building on Mulberry Street is one thing I will never forget from the summer of 1980. Zoe and I held our breath against the thick air as we came and went. Was the family downstairs really slaughtering chickens in their apartment?

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Mussels, Hard? A Myth Without Legs

Mussels, Hard? A Myth Without LegsI have a friend who makes kimchi from scratch, can produce molecular-cuisine-inspired foams and gelées and has even deep-fried an entire Thanksgiving turkey on his petite patio. But steaming a pot of mussels? Now that intimidates him. That cooking mussels is a scary proposition is an all-too-common misconception.

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In Williamsburg, Any Excuse to Eat Pie

In Williamsburg, Any Excuse to Eat PieWith the ripening of apples, pumpkins and the like, fall is pie-eating season, and should you find yourself in Brooklyn, a pleasant place to eat pie is the Blue Stove bakery, at 415 Graham Avenue, in the expansionary eastern regions of Williamsburg.

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Pasticceria Bruno

The other day I had lunch at Pasticceria Bruno located at 676 Forest Ave., in Staten Island, New York. Its cross street is Bement Ave. Across the street is the Staaten, and next door there is a Chase Bank.

I was very impressed with the decor of the restaurant. It also is a bakery as well. Upon arrival I was greeted warmly by the waitress, and seated.

We were presented with a menu, and got to see the vast amount of choices, all some many to choose from!

Upon final choosing, the waitress took our order, and within a reasonable amount of time the appetizers were brought out. Prior to that a fresh basket of bread was brought out. It was presented very well, and the bread was definitely made fresh.

After enjoying the appetizers, the main course arrived. Presented very well, and everything was cooked just right.

The entire wait staff was on their toes, looking for empty drinks for refills, or taking away a plate of food that is finished with. The staff was not gossiping with one another and were communicating quite well.

Since there was no room for desert, I cannot comment on it. The desert menu was vast, and sort of like a bakery dreamland. I hope to stop by again and finally try some desert. It was so picture perfect in the display case, and could only imagine what it tastes like.

Pasticceria Bruno has a website at, and is the perfect stop for lunch. I also learned from their menu they offer a Sunday brunch. It seems that their main location is in Manhattan, and this place on Forest Ave., is definitely Manhattan quality, but with a Staten Island Address. The are also located at 1650 Hylan Blvd., in Dongan Hills. 

Andrew McDermott, Associate Broker, with Clove Lake Realty, in Staten Island, New York, wrote this article based on opinion. I was not endorsed by Pasticceria Bruno, but only did this as a way to comment on some of the places to eat on Staten Island.