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Last night, I was in New York City, and it was late, and I was looking for quick bite to eat before I headed back to Staten Island.
So over at 133 East 65th Street, I found this restaurant called 212 New York City. A very trendy restaurant, and had a nice curb appeal to it. So usually menus are posted outside, however, it only had its lunch menu posted. So I figured, let me give it a shot.

Upon entering, I decided to sit at the bar, rather than waste a table. The place was semi active. The woman bartender acknowledged me, and said she would be right there. So while waiting the manager had to get inside the wine closet, and asked me to move. So then I told him I was looking for a menu. He provided me with the menu, and proceeded to open the menu to the dinner section, as well as noting their Voda selection. That is supposedly their specialty. While I was not drinking that night, I just glanced over the menu. The funny thing about the menu is that the smell of the book isthe same smell as the new car books that you get when you are looking at a new car. I guess they must use the same printer.

After the manager gave me the menu, the bartender was quick too to get a menu, and asked me what I wanted to drink. I just wanted a Sprite. I guess they ran out of glasses, because she gave it to me in the same glass that you would you for an after dinner drink.
I then told the bartender that I was going to try their salmon dish with artichoke and asparagus.
I was also given some home made potatoe chips. They were a little hot and spicy, and I was told they add red pepper flakes. There was certainly a fire in my mouth. I am not a fan of the spicy food, but it’s unique.
My dinner finally arrived, nicely presented, but the artichokes were really salty, and seemed like they came from the can. The asparagus was sparse also. I rarely eat Salmon, but it was something different. There were also some watercress greens on the top of the salmon, and some kind of sauce. I really couldn’t pick up the flavors, but it was interesting.
My only real disappointment was is that they have a nice little courtyard in the front where you can sit, but some people were smoking. At times, the smoke was coming into the restaurant. I also felt they should have their whole menu outside. It gives the person a quick glance to see if that is the best place to eat. While they seem to be more geared on the bar side, people also need to eat, and would enjoy a quick bite like I did.
I would give 212 New York City a second try. There are some items on their menu that I would give a taste to, and if I take public transportation, I can sample their bar, in which they seem to be proud of. Their phone number is 212-249-6565 and their website is There you can see their menu and pictures of their restaurant.