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On October 16th, I traveled to the NJ Nets practice facility in East Rutherford, Ne Jersey. I attended this event with my father. It was in a real secret location, and surrounded in a nice corporate part setting. The only reason you knew it was the Nets facility was because of the sign outside. Otherwise, you would never know that the actual Nets practiced there.

There was a networking even hosted there by the North Essex Chamber of Commerce. Brett Fisher, Senior Director of Premium Seating of the NJ Nets was our host. There were sandwiches, chips, and soda, as well as some NETS basketball goodies.

When I first arrived, I expected to see the players practicing. When I learned that they were gone and getting ready for their game against the Celtics, I was rather disappointed. It would have been nice to see the players practice and see the teamwork, and see them in their own home.

The NETS facility is rather impressive. The whole NETS family really comes together in this building, and its really changes from a building to a home for the NETS.

Brett Fisher realized we were disappointed in not seeing the player practiced, but promised to take us behind the scenes, and show us how the NETS get ready for a game. I got to see their video room, weight room, as well as their locker room, and their game room where they go to just relax just before a game or practice.

The NETS locker room is where they get ready for the game. At the IZOD center at the Meadowlands is just where they play their games.

When I went to the player’s locker room, it was amazing seeing their stuff and their sneakers! These sneakers were the biggest I have ever seen in person, and I never knew a sneaker could have been made this large.

A personal chef is also at their facility to cook for the players and to ensure that they have the best meal prior to the game.

While I was touring their facility, I felt like a little kid in a candy store seeing their whole operation and it really was impressive. Their gym really portrays teamwork with the signs posted throughout. I took pictures of them, and will post some of them.

So at the end of the event, Brett Fisher offered us some tickets for the game, and I was able to see the NETS play the Boston Celtics. The seats were really nice, and it was my first NJ Nets game as well. Seeing the players warm up, and all the pre-planned activities prior to the game was really amazing, and well orchestrated.

So, if you are looking to purchase season tickets for the NJ Nets, give Brett Fisher a call. Brett will be the one to give you the nest seats, as well as not drain your wallet at the same time. I hope to one time again meet with the NETS at their facility, and see them practice, and maybe even eat with the team. They did have a video game console in their lounge. So it would be fun to play with them as well.

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