Planet Green

I have recently become attached to Discovery’s new Green Channel. Shows about how to live environmentally friendly. Some really great ideas are shown on this channel.

Emeril Lagasse, hosts a show called Emeril Green. He helps people who have no clue about cooking, and helps them become better and offers hints and suggestions. This time he is using food products that you can find at the local store, and nothing too fancy. Although the shore is shot at a Whole Foods Market which specializes in organic products, the show always has valuable ideas and information.

The second show I enjoy is Renovation Nation. It is hosted by Steve Thomas who used to be on This Old House. The show features homeowners who are building green and sharing their tips and ideas. I have learned so many new ideas to use rainwater as well as the water that is used in my sinks and bath tubs and recycling that water.

Being green also means recycling. So many of these projects feature wood floors that came from an old school or a barn. The same goes with old bathroom fixtures.

At first I thought going green would be cheesy, but a lot of good ideas and if most of the world can do their part, the World won’t be as polluted.

Finally, Bill Nye the Science Guy hosts this show called Stuff Happens. A great show in which he features who goes on behind the scenes and shows what is going on and how these products are being made. Nye is also the guy who can say the long names of the chemicals with no problem. He adds humor to the names as well. Last night’s show features where sneakers go. I learned that they grind them up to a fine partical and actually make green grass for a sports field.

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