Should Mayor Bloomberg’s Term Be Extended?

Right now they are considering extending the term of current Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Currently, Mayors can run for two four year terms in New York City.

The same idea was considered with Rudy Giuliani especially after September 11th and his leadership through the difficult times.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, jumped in the mayoral race, and actually won the heart of New York, and in since took off from where Giuliani left off. People said he won since he spent so much money on the election. True, but I believe he is no phony and has done some great things for New York.

While someone can’t be Mayor forever, I believe that it should just stay for the two terms. I believe the future mayoral candidates will meet or exceed Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani only leading New York City in the right direction.

After the subprime mortgage crisis, job layoffs, and Wall Street a mess, we need a new vision and someone with the same thoughts and ideas of Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani and to lead us to the next four years.

It will be interesting to see how they vote. Will it actually go through? If it does go through, where do you draw the line? What happens after the 3rd year, does it go to a fourth?

The term limits were set to not be harsh or evil, but we need fresh, new ideas, and someone who can pick up on the leadership. New Yorkers have done a great job in electing Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani, and I am sure New Yorkers will pick the next Mayor just like they did with Bloomberg and Giuliani.

Lastly, if I did have to offer something is that is to offer a cap on how much you can spend on your election, so that it can be a fair playing ground for all. Mike Bloomberg was kind enough not to accept a check for his work as being mayor, but for the future candidates, it would be nice to offer a cap or a limit to the amount of money you can spend. Otherwise, things can really go to the extreme.

The future mayoral candidate will be selling themselves to the people of New York. They will lead us to the future of New York, and continue to build strength and stability. I am sure we will have the best leadership, and will continue to grow and flourish.

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